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    1. Confidential Destruction of Documents and Other Materials

    One of the biggest threats in the modern world is the unauthorized use of confidential and highly privileged personal, corporate and government data and information. SSID is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of our clients by providing them with secure and reliable data/information destruction and disposal services. SSID helps our clients to destruct their obsolete documents, storage media, uniforms, mobile phones, hard disks and any samples with trademark/patented design.

    SSID has pioneered the use of a proprietary RFID systems to track confidential waste collected from clients and to ensure they are all accounted for from pick-up till being destructed. Customers are also welcome to monitor our confidential destruction process on site or real-time on-line.

    SSID confidential destruction process is characterized by:
    Transparency – we monitor the whole process to minimize risk of package loss;
    Traceability – we trace and track every packages received so that we can retrieve any particular package and identify loss;
    Sustainability – all the papers (unless specified) will be shipped to paper mills to produce recycled papers.


    Please call 22859902 to learn more.

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    2. Green Recycling Services

    SSID helps our clients to recycle papers, plastics, metals and even e-waste in a responsible way with emphasis on downstream accountability. SSID provides detailed report on volume of recyclable wastes collected and the subsequent carbon reduction. SSID can tailor recycling services for different customers to complement its green initiatives.

    SSID works with various NGOs to free-cycle reusable items like office furniture. SSID also partners with designers to upcycle wastes.

    Please call 22859902 to learn more about our green recycling services.

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    3. Integrated Waste and Recyclable Wastes Management

    SSID is providing one-stop waste service for The Chinese University of Hong Kong. SSID is managing all the wastes including general rubbish, recyclables, food wastes and even waste oil of its Shatin campus with an aim to minimize the total waste. In 2014/2015 academic year, SSID has increased the university’s recycling rate significantly and has helped to reduce the total wastes dumped to the landfills by over 15%. SSID can customize solutions for different institutions.


    Please call 22859905 to learn more about our integrated waste services.

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    4 .Waste Audit and ESG Reporting

    SSID is providing waste audit to our customers to help them identify opportunities for waste reduction and hence cost reduction. Listed companies can also make use of the service as an initiative in ESG reports. SSID has formed partnership with Carbon Care Asia and Dialogue in Dark to provide consultancy services for ESG reporting.


    Please call 22859905 to learn more about our waste audit and consultancy services.

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    5. Rubbish Charge Implementation and Waste Consultancy

    SSID is helping corporates particularly property owners and estate management to prepare for the implementation of rubbish charge by helping them to establish baseline for waste reduction and develop a fair and transparent charging system for the tenants. SSID has pioneered such project with The CUHK to develop a system for its over hundred buildings and departments SSID is providing consultancy service to our clients to help waste reduction. Particularly, SSID is working with SD Recycling Solutions to provide trace-and-track service for wastes and recyclables so as to develop waste database and to ensure responsible disposal.


    Please call 22859905 to learn more about our waste consultancy services.

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    6. Reporting

    Data speaks louder than words. Probably no other recyclers like SSID providing detailed report for all the rubbish and the recyclables managed for our customers. SSID has pioneered the industry in the use of cloud based platform for real-time electronic registration of waste data. We can even help the customers to work out the carbon footprint for certain categories of wastes.


    Please call 22859905 to understand more about our reporting.