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    We provide collection bags with RFID tags.

    Track and trace:

    1. Pick up from customers

    2. Transfer to our trucks/vans

    3. Loading at SSID's factory

    4. Destruction

    When the collection bags arrived our factory and after destruction, we will send an confirmation email to customers.


    Besides, we will issue a monthly report which listed the total amount of papers collected and recycled.

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    Customers can witness the destruction process:

    1. On-site; or

    2. Online viewing

  • Security

    1. Track and traceable

    2. The collection bags are locked and only able to be opened at SSID's factory

    3. All drivers and vehicles are hired by SSID directly

    4. GPS installed in all our vehicles
    5. CCTV installed in our factory

    We also recommend paper-pulping, which all confidential documents will be recycled into paper pulp without any traces.

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    We do our best to prevent any leakage. We are willing to listen your needs and customized the best solution.


    Moreover, our staffs are well trained and reliable.