• Waste reduction

    According to HKEPD, HK landfills about 12000 tons of rubbish daily. More serious, the rubbish volume has been increased for the past 5 years. SSID integrated waste management service, together with the effort of the Estate Management Office of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, helped to reduce The CUHK Shatin campus rubbish dumped to the landfill by over 20% in the past 4 years.


    SSID has experimented many initiatives in The CUHK Shatin campus including tagging all waste and recyclable bins with RFID to trace and track waste sources and to identify opportunities in waste reduction.


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  • Carbon reduction and recycling

    Rubbish accounts for 15% of carbon reduction. Through our effort, SSID has helped our clients to reduce carbon emission. SSID has advocated ‘Rubbish Bin without Papers’ since our set-up and has helped to reduce hundred million kilogram of carbon emissions. Particularly, SSID accepts to take most kinds of waste papers including mixed papers.

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  • Green events

    Every year there are many big events that attract hundred thousands of visitors in Hong Kong. Definitely, there will be lot of rubbish being produced in these events. SSID has successfully helped our clients to organize green events by:


    Developing and implementing green initiatives;
    Engaging stakeholders and communicating with all participants; and
    Evaluating impact of rubbish.
    Those events that SSID helped include:

    Green LNY Night Fair in 7 parks including Victoria Park;
    Tsing Yi Opera Bring Your Own Dining Wares; and
    Plastic Free Beaches.

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  • MSW Charging and Trial Implementation

    HK is planning to implement MSW charging by latest 2020. Many companies including those estate management offices have to assess the impact on their operations. SSID has helped many organizations including Swire, Henderson Land, The Links, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Jockey Club and several local universities like The CUHK, The HKU and The PolyU to assess the impact.


    To learn more, please feel free to contact us at 22859905.

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