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Hong Kong businesses launch paper recycling initiative

Tricor Group, Mil Mill partner to process Tricor’s scrap to pulp and paper products.

Tricor Group, a Hong Kong-based business expansion specialist company, has announced a paper recycling initiative in partnership with Mil Mill, Hong Kong’s first carton recycling mill. According to a news release from Tricor, this initiative is in support of adopting and supporting the circular economy concept. 

Even with increased digitization, Tricor reports that companies still generate paper and cardboard scrap. The company assessed in March that the monthly amount of paper scrap it generates could be repurposed to generate paper towels and toilet paper to service its offices through this new initiative.

Tricor reports that it partnered with Secure Information Disposal Services Ltd., Hong Kong, and Mil Mill, a pulp mill that recycles drink cartons. Mil Mill is supported by Hong Kong's Recycling Fund and has the capacity to process tons of scrap paper to pulp and different types of paper. Tricor states that Mil Mill plans to convert paper scrap collected from its offices into paper towels and toilet paper, which will help supply Tricor’s ITT and Hopewell offices as well as for donations to organizations in need.

 “Tricor cares about the impact it has on the larger environment and community, and its contribution towards their betterment,” says Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong. “We are continuously looking for opportunities to contribute to the larger society, and with the paper recycling initiative, we will be able to donate the regenerated products to the needy members of society.”

“Traditional economic approaches are linear with resources mostly being discarded after they are through with their life cycle,” adds Judy Wong, group general counsel and chief compliance officer at Tricor. “The vision of a circular economy is to change this linearity to a system that continuously passes resources from one life cycle to another.”

Harold Yip, co-founder and executive director at Secure Information Disposal Services and Mil Mill, adds, “It is [Secure Information Disposal Services’] vision to build up a circular economy for Hong Kong local wastes. The establishment of Mil Mill marks a milestone to recycle local waste papers, particularly beverage cartons originally dumped to the landfills into useful raw materials.”

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